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Robert Bauval wrote on the]Talisman[/url] website that:

Poor Dan Brown must feel like a blue whale with all those pilot fish having a free ride... The same happened, of course, after Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods with new 'theories' on 'Atlantis' and the 'lost civilisation'. As a bestselling author you have to get used to this, much like a blue whale must get used to the pilot fish...

I agree and disagree with Robert. I think Simon Cox's "Cracking the Davinci Code" is a great A-Z guide for beginners and laypeople who don't know much about the subjects. It's getting people interested, which is good.

As for "Fingerprints of the Gods", well Graham's success enabled the success of other writers such as Rand Flem-Ath, whom I wish the absolute best. He wrote his landmark Atlantis in Antarctica book before Graham wrote Fingerprints, but the runaway success of Graham's work (much like Dan Brown's Davinci Code), opened doors for authors like Flem-Ath, doors that would otherwise have remained firmly closed, with very large bouncers outside just to make sure.

However, I do agree with Robert that there are other, more insidious authors (mostly publishers!) getting a free ride (and $$$) out of other people's hard work. I detest this aspect of publishing, especially when it comes to books like Fingerprints -- when something good is published, publishers cash in and print a lot of rubbish for fast bucks. The rubbish that is printed sticks to the successful book like mud and through nothing more than similar topic matter unfairly drags it down to their level, despite completely different qualities of content.

As for Dan Brown's The Davinci Code ... good luck to him, but geez is it te most overhyped book I've ever read. I couldn't finish it, the book was so predictable and boring. Ah well, if it ges people interested in history ...



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