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Hi Jaimi ...

As you know I contend that the link goes from Washignton DC [symbolic of the new lands of America] back to Versailles, through Poussin [and LeBrun] with Louis XIVth and Andre Norton and all the way back through Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and even back to Sumeria. To add weight to this argument please see this quote.

... The article

Pierre Charles L'Enfant, b. Aug. 2, 1754, d. June 14, 1852, was the French architect and engineer responsible for the design of Washington, D.C. The plan of the city is based on principles employed by Andre Le Notre in the palace and garden of Versailles, where L'Enfant's father had worked as a court painter, and on Domenico Fontana's scheme (1585) for the replanning of Rome under Pope Sixtus V.

This ties in nicely with the fact that Poussin [et al] studied in Rome and leads almost conclusively back to Leonardo and his legacy. I think if we search for this pattern in Leonardo's work we might find something.

Best Regards
Don Barone

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