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Whilst the book Talisman does indeed with Freemasonry issues, it is not entirely all about that. Freemasonry issues "per se" have up until now traditionally been talked about on our Mysteries Board. If you have any general discussion points on this topic they can of course be debated on there. I would even say that as this organisation seems to subscribe to a philosphy of sorts it would be even be suitable for discussion on our Inner Space Board

I appreciate that until the Talisman is fully read, it will be difficult to decide what areas of Freemasonry are or are not relevant for discussion on this particular board. The point I'm concerned about that it's easy to drift off topic, albeit unintentionally, and I certainly don't want to stifle message board users from posting.

I would however like to encourage people to read the 'Home' page and 'Articles and Reviews' page at [] together with its associated Bulletin Board and see if there are any issues there worth looking into further.

Richard Fusniak

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Freemasonry issues 1462 Richard Fusniak 28-May-04 23:21

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