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This is the only web-site exploring this angle.

( a lot of information on this site, including background of the 'Urantia Book"

Since this is the angle I'm interested in, perhaps this board is the appropriate place for it.

If this is true, and it goes all the way back to the fifties, ( and these are *well done(!), it is quite scary - the potentials - considering the *depth of how we are being had, on almost *every angle. )
You think, this has been limited to just these two books? ( ha ha ). Our bookstores are actually probably being *flooded with books coming straight out of Langley on almost every subject. It just *looks like "Freedom".

from my researches on this, in addition to some of the very interesting background info on the above site, I have found:

Thetford - worked for CIA in the Human Ecology Fund, and specifically wrote papers for the CIA and the MKUltra project.

Schucman - Formerly an Army psychologist

Two of her associates were an Mkultra contractor, and
Herbert Spiegel, a master hypnotist and brainwashing expert who worked with Korean war prisoners, Sirhan Sirhan, and "Sibyl", the famous multiple personality case ( Multiple personality creation, being the forte of Mkultra - as an aside ).

The Course in Miracles, is currently being promoted by Ken Wapnik, who was an associate of both Helen and Thetford, and whose background consists of formerly being cheif psycholgist at a mental institution.
( Where tons of MK went on , especially at that time.
Searches into this particular Institution, provided no blatent clues, that it may have been part of it however, that I could find.
Also it is promoted heavily by a Joe Joseeph, who is also a psychologist.

Both Wapnik and Joseeph, though unconfirmed that they are actual members ( yet ) - appear to sympathize with the psychological theories espoused by the 'False Memory Syndrome Foundation" ( a group of CIA psychologists, working for the MKultra program - one of whose functions it is to discredit victim's testomonies on the rash of court cases that have come up. And generally promote psychological hogwash to muddy the waters, and also the values of society in general ). FMSF also comes up quite a bit in the background of the Urantia Book.

There is a man - Paul Tuttle, who 'channels' RAJ ( AKA Jesus Christ ), and is promoted all over the country, and his 'channelings' are even on the net -
promoting "The Course in Miracles" as the be all/end all of Spirituality and Philosophy.

It would be easy to 'bust' this guy, if one could actually pose free questions to him, in real time.

here is what is curious:

Right after 9/11, on the internet there was being spread all over, this artist's rendition of an "Eagle" with a 'pissed' look, flying next to the burning World Trade Center ( some of you may re-call it ). This was being spread all over. Inciting us to patriotism. Even at the time, I suspected this picture was part of the mass brainwashing campaign, immediately following 9/11.

But, the curiosity:

On "Raj" CDs ( Cds you can get of Paul Tuttle's 'sessions', where people can ask personal questions of RAJ ( Aka: Jesus Christ ), and get answers - straight from God ( supposedly ) ), the cover to the CD's have this art on it.
By golly it is the same artist!
And 'Raj" has something to say about 9/11. It is the politically correct 'Official Version' of reality of course. And they even have the burning WTC on the back cover of the RAJ CD's.
Not only is it curious that GOD seems to be more concerned with atrocity in America in particular, over and above all the atrocity going on all over the world, but in particular a focus on 9/11 - and the "Official" version.
And now the Same artist, that drew the "Pissed Eagle" that was being promoted all over the net right after 9/11 - works with ACIM "Northwest Foundation for Peace", and the the RAJ promotion.

There's plenty more curiosities. It's just gets 'curiouser and curiouser' ( the deeper one gets into it ).

Then, on 9 out of 10 'Course in Miracles' net discusion groups, if one brings up the history, or shows the slightest skepticism, they are banned, and feed cut, and they are repressed ( just like one might find with a witch burnung fundamentalist group ). And this is supposed to be more 'advanced'?
Makes me wonder just WHO started and is running these discusion groups?

The "Course" is promoted all over, heavily. It has infiltrated the Unity Church ( the largest metaphysical church in the United States ), to the point where it is near their *main focus in their classes and sermons.

Why? Of all the tons and tons of great 'Wisdom" works out here, *why has "The Course", been sweeping the nation ( and Europe ) so readily, and in such a short period of time? ( Some powerful marketing forces behind it obviously.)

And then,
there's the attitude of folks I have known that are heavily into it.
One pattern that is common to them:

Political 'worldly' considerations, are 'beneath' them. They are 'beyond' all this worldly "Illusion". Thus, they are the last people to approach for any 'social activism' issues.

"Hilter is in Heaven" - a quote from one friend who is Heavily into it.

Is one of the functions of the Course, to brainwash us into a state of passivity?

At any rate, it is a re-working of standard eastern Hindu Yoga and mysticism, and may have been deliberately written to misuse some of these ideas to keep us 'subservient', which is precisely what they've been doing for thousands of years.

If it is true. It is scary - cause this book, is actually 'Pretty Good'! Seriously appeals to 'logic' and 'reason' ...

They aren't just instigating programs to brainwash children in the Mideast, in their education systems ( since 79' officially )

It' going on here!


Education, worldwide - comes out of World Bank, and Rand. Look it up, if ya don't believe.

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