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The Great Reset? - by Miles Mathis

The present project is all planned and managed, and it is managed to do four major things: 1) Keep your eyes off the multi-trillion-dollar theft from the worldwide treasuries in 2020, which just made the rich far richer; 2) Sell you a vaccine, which will make the rich far richer, and which—as a side effect—will make you far dumber; 3) Scare you senseless, so that you will welcome any New World Order in 2021, as long as it doesn't include a lockdown or a mask; 4) Drive you into the waiting arms of the new Republican Party.

There is no Great Reset. No New World Order. No New Normal. What has been happening for decades or centuries will continue to happen: a long slow decline away from Nature and towards dehumanization. A dumbing down of the middle classes so that they can be more easily harvested. A short-circuiting of all positive instincts, and their replacement with controlled responses. The trading of education for propaganda

They did repackage a new normal as a great reset and there are all these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but this is par of the course, they always had these plans, they have been talking about climate forever, and they always had schemes to screw the 'regular'people.


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