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Harriet Tubman a True Hero of Freedom who stood against the ugly white lazy slave owners. Those slave owners were in it for profit and total pigs, we should always as humans stand against slavery. Biden sees past the pigment in the skin and we should all see what person represents through their actions and words not by the pigment of their skin! Trump however could not look past that!

Yes I'm white and Irish! The Irish helped build America as did the African Americans we know hard physical work for low pay. Yet the Irish did not endure slavery, however as race we did endure the potato famine and ruthless landlords of the English.

I stand for Harriet Tubman to be recognized as an icon against slavery. The twenty dollar bill would be a constant reminder of fair pay for the labor a person puts in! Not only that that we remember forever that slavery was entirely wrong!

Thank you Harriet Tubman!



The updated $20 note featuring Tubman, the former slave who became an icon of the abolition movement, was originally set to be unveiled around the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote.

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