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Now the (retiring) Republican Senator Rob Portman, of Ohio, has stood up and spoken out about crazies in elected office. Specifically, Marjorie Taylor Greene, but clearly he is concerned about the trend towards extremism in the Republican Party in as whole.



Republican Sen. Rob Portman on Sunday said his party's leaders "ought to stand up" against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and that there should be "a strong response" to her controversial actions and recently resurfaced incendiary comments amid calls for her expulsion from Congress.
"I think Republican leaders ought to stand up and say it is totally unacceptable what she has said," the Ohio senator told CNN's Dana Bash on "State of the Union." "I saw a couple videos over the weekend and one had to do with violence as I see it. There is no place for violence in our political dialogue. By the way there is no place for violence in our country. I mean, this is something we got to get away from. So yeah. I think people ought to speak out clearly."

A few other prominent Republicans who reject conspiracy theories and violence are mentioned in the story as well, such as Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Utah Senator Mitt Romney, but it doesn't look like the appropriate level of alarm has reached most of the party leadership.

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