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OK, this is enough of shunting current events into GT&P just because some conspiracy nuts have made enough mess to become current events. Everyone who thinks this doesn't belong here, use the info page to get the email addresses and email the mod team about this mis-use of GT&P.

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Senator Ben Sasse OpEd in The Atlantic 262 Nolondil 17-Jan-21 22:40
Re: Senator Ben Sasse OpEd in The Atlantic 100 Aine 17-Jan-21 22:57
Mod Note > Topic Moved 78 Dr. Troglodyte 18-Jan-21 16:22
Re: Mod Note > Topic Moved 82 Nolondil 18-Jan-21 18:49
Mod Caution > Moderator Directives 87 Dr. Troglodyte 18-Jan-21 19:11
The beginning for Republicans 76 drrayeye 20-Jan-21 18:04
Senator Rob Portman joins the resistance 71 Nolondil 31-Jan-21 22:23
Ben Sasse plays 'tank man' vs his own state party 71 Nolondil 06-Feb-21 22:38

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