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Most treacherous form of disinformation

We are all practiced in the art of influence, it’s a part of human nature and instinctively when an individual or group proceeds to gain favor for a particular need and goal; communication is employed to try and win support for that cause. The spheres of tools which can be utilized to meet that cause begin with language and end in any imaginable positive or horrible outcome. However, when some of the less linguistically people cannot utilize language effectively for summoning favor to negotiate their needs and wants, often times with these elements of society they become reactionary rather than communicative, they act out physically. A society has laws and we all must agree on these laws for the sort of behavior which is deemed equal and right which respects all under that said society! Just, because a group or and individual wants or needs something for their benefit, the method or idea, the way they go about to obtain that goal should never threaten the society as a whole to destruction. A lawful society that bends its proclamation (i.e. Constitution) to a few so that they can act in any manner to gain their needs regardless of a lawful society will not stand! A lie which subverts the truth and gathers a massive following is the ideology of a campaign of disinformation, a piece of propaganda where wars start! Influence without facts by any means necessary throttled out by a group or person to persuade a following ignites the fires of destruction! The 9th commandment strictly forbids these tactics to gain support for ones cause. Any form of influence to obtain something must be checked and agreed upon by the sides affected.

“The pen is mightier than the sword” Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839. Now in the age of the Internet, “The pen is snail mail to the Digital Media”! Anyone who has access to the internet including the President can create disinformation which if it gathers a mass mindset has been proven destructive against society. In this age a lie if followed in mass through propaganda does not take long, because of the internet. Hitler’s propaganda campaign started in 1933 and ended with atomic weapons being dropped on Japan. Yet in this present age the lie can spread and gain momentum super-fast! If that does not wake us up to the power of unwarranted lies which the internet can foster than civilization may end due to our technological prowess. We must reign in the huge companies like Google, Facebook, and twitter to prevent our destruction!

Moderation and cancel culture is simply not enough where open forums and free information is available. I do believe in the 1 amendment and I hate censorship, however I hate disinformation and the lie a great deal more. Everyone has a right to free speech; however we can regulate potentially dangerous rhetoric which threatens society as a whole that is published on the internet? I believe when someone or a group expresses themselves through opinion, beliefs or ideas on the internet they have to own it. Right now we really don’t have a tracking method for ideas expressed on the internet. The ways for tracking publishers of content can be accomplished relatively easily on the internet by identification. The tools that can be employed for a digital id are the mac address, ip address, social security number and lastly a photo id. Likewise the platforms must share responsibility if they embellish disinformation which is deemed highly dangerous to society as a whole.

Furthermore, we should act now towards grabbing the snake of mendacity by the neck, not letting it grow tentacles, like an Octopus; which is a propaganda machine of disinformation that subverts the truth thus deluding the minds of the many! Yet the tough question is who should filter this fairly or manage the disinformation and what algorithms can be deployed that would signal us to dangerous disinformation? I don’t think we should be the thought police, however somewhere in the content of someone’s publication there must be markers or something that sets it apart from the truth where we can agree upon that its content is dangerous to society as a whole. If so does the American society have a right to filter content that promulgates racism, violence and subjugation towards a people or person by a group or a person? The material must not be confused with education purposes however! Propaganda dished out via racism, violence and subjugation along with the narrative of mendacity may just be the makers to be monitored. There is plenty of disinformation to use as a source for keywords which can be utilized by algorithms which can spot the markers of disinformation. The whole idea is you must own what you publish and have an identification to go with it to prevent fallacious disinformation that threatens society as a whole. Taking this into consideration, this just might prevent any new individual of the likes of Hitler to arise and potentially rip apart humanity or the entire world as we know it.

How should society punish the purveyors of disinformation which foment an idea that can be destructive to society? I would come down hard with an initial punishment, however since people change with new information and they could come to a whole new enlightenment or perception the punishment should not be forever. I would fine the purveyor of disinformation and suspend their logon to the internet for a period of time. All people change and can be educated and should be forgiven for a mistake. Yet certain people who perpetuate the same disinformation even after three suspensions then a forever ban maybe necessary. Moving forward into the future people should be aware that the information they publish online, they are responsible for it and own it. Due to the current psychology of millions of gullible people online reading disinformation; some drastic amendment has to take place the goes with digital media as far as the 1st amendment goes. I fear that a dark future may surface if society stands idly by aimless allowing negative disinformation to grow unhindered on the internet; only to awake where everywhere there is violence, vandalism, chaos and discord. Wake up and dump out the trash of disinformation online!

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