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Most treacherous form of disinformation

We are all practiced in the art of influence, it’s a part of human nature and instinctively when an individual or group proceeds to gain favor for a particular need and goal; communication is employed to try and win support for that cause. The spheres of tools which can be utilized to meet that cause begin with language and end in any imaginable positive or horrible outcome you can imagine. However, when the less linguistically people cannot utilize language effectively for summoning favor to negotiate their needs and wants, often times with these elements of society they become reactionary rather than communicative, they act out physically. A society has laws and we all must agree on these laws for the sort of behavior which is deemed equal and right which respects all under that said society! Just, because a group or and individual wants or needs something for their benefit the method or idea, the way they go about to obtain that goal should never threaten the society as a whole to destruction. A lawful society that bends its proclamation (i.e. Constitution) to a few so that they can act in any manner to gain their needs regardless of a lawful society will not stand! A lie which subverts the truth and gathers a massive following is the ideology of a campaign of disinformation, a piece of propaganda where wars start! Influence without facts by any means necessary throttled out by a group or person to persuade a following ignites the fires of destruction! The 9th commandment strictly forbids these tactics to gain support for ones cause. Any form of influence to obtain something must be checked and agreed upon by the sides affected.

“The pen is mightier than the sword” Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839. Now in the age of the Internet, “The pen is snail mail to the Digital Media”! Anyone who has access to the internet including the President can create disinformation which if it gathers a mass mindset has been proven destructive against society. In this age a lie if followed in mass through propaganda does not take long, because of the internet. Hitler’s propaganda campaign started in 1933 and ended with atomic weapons being dropped on Japan. Yet in this present age the lie can spread and gain momentum super-fast! If that does not wake us up to the power of unwarranted lies which the internet can foster than civilization may end due to our technological prowess. We must reign in the huge companies like Google, Facebook, and twitter to prevent our destruction!

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