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Fantasy Q State


I just woke up and as I ran down the hall to start my day with Q-anon, I tripped and broke my little toe. The pain is excruciating, but I must consume the gospel of Trump truth via cryptic Q-anon military intelligence. Today is big, because guess what I decoded the previous messages from January 6, 2021. A week ago today this message here I decoded:

Don to Don we shall Cap it and make Martial Law

Then I heard in the channel there would be Capitol Tours on the 5th of January, so the inside job was on.

The above example of how a Q-non person behaves like for the sake of any information related to Trump is the mind set of todays “Fantasy Q State”! These people who digest this garbage of information which I mind you that Q-anon’s cryptic message may really have relayed what was about to happen at the Capitol and is the information seditious? Of course what I just wrote is an example yet you are wondering why and how did so many people get caught up in this Q rabbit hole. The easy to understand psychological theme for the mass mindset is honestly these people do not trust the government! What is quite evident in the mindset is that the source of information which is a new addictive medium tugs at you and lets you in as if you’re not so little anymore in your mind and that you are part of something very large. Yet this kind of information which was consumed in mass quantities by so many seeks to destroy the heart of the Republic or the U.S. government. Why do I say that? For it was the big arm of false info propaganda that indoctrinated so many with a horrible destructive lie! I believe in the 1st Amendment yet when the information is consumed by so many and has guided so many to violence without restraint based on lies it must be censored and condemned.
So where are we as the Pro Trump’s cry now is “Cancel Culture”. Once you take up arms and threaten these United States than just like prison or war combatant your rights disappear. I liken the mind set for this group of Trumpster’s as the “Fantasy Q State”!

I managed to find a drop which alludes to a Capitol attack at the bottom quote, “We should attack them head on in DC using a 2nd SC”

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