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As I plunge into a very deep and possibly controversial subject I do this with the utmost concern for humanities future. It has been proven that radiation at high frequencies or sustained radiated frequencies at certain wave lengths can have adverse affects on mice cell structures which can affect immunity and create cancers in humans. With an already 5g rollout and not fully online have we inadvertently weakened humans immunity responses to viruses and bacteria's?

What are your thoughts? Do you think that my concerns regarding our health and the Climate are unfounded regarding Radio Emissions and if so please explain with a concise well sourced backed up essay?


Some studies suggest that RF exposure can cause cancer, and thus the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified RF EMF as a “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2B) [3].


The effects of 61.22 GHz exposure of mice were examined also with respect to the immune system [52]. The animals were exposed on three consecutive days for 30 min per day. The exposure caused peak SAR values of 885 W/kg on the nose of the animals where the exposure took place. The power density was 31 mW/cm2 and the measured temperature rise reached 1 °C. It was found that MMW modulates the effects of the cancer drug cyclophosamide. In particular, the T-cell system of the immune system was activated and various other immune system relevant parameters affected.

Regarding Climate change and the possible adverse affects due to radio emissions that is probably hard to pin down, but not really with this new news event. It has been reported that VLF waves that are man made have created a bubble in space which I surmise may act like a cooker on our planet. Ironically Global Climate worries began in the early 1960's in the advent age of VLF's with submarines.


It is shown that a number of important characteristics of the global atmospheric circulation and climate changed in a near-monotonic fashion over the decade, or less, centered on the late 1960s. These changes were largest or commonest in tropical regions, the Southern Hemisphere, and the Atlantic sector of the Northern Hemisphere. Some, such as the decrease in rainfall in the African Sahel, are well known. Others appear to be new, but their combined extent is global and dynamical linkages between them are evident.

Here is a quote which I think anyone who would think that a natural functioning earth is better than man made may call this quote BS.


Van Allen Space Probes' Function
In 2012, NASA scientists sent two space probes built to operate together as they walked 3,200 kilometers per hour past the Van Allen Belts (2,000 mph).

Then in 2017, when the space probes are running in space, they discovered something peculiar about the charged particles trapped in the magnetic field of Earth. With careful observation, NASA scientists discovered that a low-frequency barrier somehow keeps the solar discharges that might be harmful to us here on the surface of Earth at bay.

Curiously, the researchers started to study further and soon learned that the shield has successfully held Earth protected from the Van Allen Belts for several generations.

According to their research, Astronomers also found that the lower limits of radiation streams are now moved far further away from the earth than they were in the 1960s.


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