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Now that was an interesting read. I had to read it over twice.

Gravitational Wave Generators? Inertial Mass Reduction Devices? Electromagnetic Force Field Generators? Quantum Vacuum?
That is sort of the tech we surmise these UFOs are using but are we anywhere near being able to produce this? A guy named Bob Lazar claims he was hired to reverse engineer this type of technology but after fact-checking he is no where near credible.

There is definitely a possibility that objects like the tic tac craft are secret government technology but that raises a few questions. If we take into account how long these sightings have been happening - the Westall incident was in '66 and the vehicles showed comparable ability to the tic tac so that means if it was the government they've had this tech for a long time.

If the government has technology like quantum vacuum machines or gravitational wave generators and they are keeping it secret from us and all the benefits tech like this could bring to the world, just so they can build weapons and start a new arms race we should all be very pissed off.

On the other hand, the physicist quoted in the article says such technology is so far in the theoretical to be little more than science fiction.

So, put this down to another theory. It is good we are having discussions about this and that the navy and pentagon are forthcoming about the reality of these incidents. As it says in the article, makes you wonder if they are preparing us for something really out of this world to be announced.

At any rate, certainly a possibility.........and who doesn't love a good mystery.

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