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Who is the enemy?

We are all trying to rationalise what is the motivation behind this Covid-19 ‘so-called’ pandemic. Some have suggested the ‘deep state’ are trying to crash the economy so they can then buy up all the assets for pennies in the pound. To me that does not make sense – bit like crashing your perfectly good car so you can sell off undamaged parts at the wreckers.

Readers will find the following hypothesis somewhat ‘out there’ but it is my belief that we are battling an external enemy. That the deep state are merely agents for extra-terrestrial being who seek to control what is happening here on earth.

First let me say that even the military has admitted UFOs are real.



So, if we have quasi acknowledgement that earth is being visited by extra-terrestrial beings – then surely it is reasonable to ask what might be their purpose in being here? The thesis I have previously outlined on this forum is that life was seeded on earth by a cosmic creator being for the purpose of reproduction. It claims conscious life on ‘mother earth’ is under the control of an external creator species – same way a reproductive system is under the control of the female body that hosts it.

In support of this model I offer the following:

The Lockdown: Is not it strange that 190 countries agreed to strict lockdown measures? We are told the lockdown is in response to a pandemic that many have claimed is no worse than the seasonal flu?
Governments tell us they are forced to take such drastic action because people are dying. This however is unlikely to be true. It was well known that smoking caused lung cancer in the 1940s and 1950s. Yet, despite millions of people dying, most governments were slow to acknowledge smoking as a cause of lung cancer and allowed the mass marketing of cigarettes to an unsuspecting public. And currently we have many governments imposing strict lockdown while at the same time allowing the roll out of 5G.
There is overwhelming evidence, both historical and current, that governments care little about people dying. On the contrary, what we observe suggest they are willing to tolerate a range of malevolent practices that facilitate the premature deaths of the people they govern.

The ruling elite: There are countless examples where financial gain is put ahead of the wellbeing of the people and the health of the planet. We attribute this to the greed of the ruling elite. Yet the people we believe are making these decisions have more wealth than they could possibly spend in a lifetime. Their wealth cannot protect them from the harm they cause the environment. And what about their children – do we believe these people are so greedy, and so stupid, that they would destroy the future for their children for money they do not need? More likely they are agents for off-world cosmic beings.

Banking system: We have a banking system that does not make sense. The US Federal Reserve is privately owned. Either governments around the world are totally mad or some non-human force is calling the shots.

Chem trails: If this is geoengineering then why isn’t it acknowledged. If the science suggested it is needed it could be funded by governments and there would be no mystery about who is doing it. So why would some non-government body do it? I do not see the deep state being so concerned about the environment - or them being interested in funding such a program.

Complexity: There is much complexity in the biological systems on earth - and in the greater universe in which our planet exists. It does not make sense to suggest that matter, complexity, life and consciousness do not have a source. Yet most of our universities and academic institutions do not acknowledge a creator. Thus, they have no explanation for the matter, the energy, the complex living systems or our human consciousness – or a reason for our existence.

Our history: There are countless examples of an ancient technologically advanced civilisation having existed on earth. No one has been able to discover the origins of this advanced civilisation, who they were or where they went. Amazingly, mainstream academics attribute the carving and lifting of megalithic structures weighing hundreds of tonnes to an unknown primitive preindustrial society. And given they do not recognise the existence of aliens they deny the possibility that technologically advanced extra-terrestrial beings may have once been resident here on planet earth.

The moon: There are many difficult to explain things about the moon. Why for example, when it is claimed we visited more than 50 years ago, we have not been back – and why does our moon have a very strange orbit where one side is always facing away from earth.

The only possible explanation for these, and many other anomalies, it that our governments are being controlled by extra-terrestrial beings.

So, who are they and what are they doing here?

If we accept that aliens are visiting our planet then they must have a reason for being here. As previously stated, it is our belief that conscious life on earth is part of the reproductive system of a creator being. And that the visits by extra-terrestrials are essential for the management of our creator being’s reproductive system.

We know reproductive systems are very selective. That only the fittest and best adapted sperm cells will survive the tortuous female reproductive tract. The following is a quote from my book; The Bali to Bairnsdale Alignment and Earth’s Reproductive Chakra, Chapter 8, The Good and the Bad of reproductive systems, And now the bad:

there is a natural law that selects the healthy and well adapted and eliminates those who are not. But reproductive systems play the numbers game. While the fight for survival is an important evolutionary driver there appears to be a controlling force that gives priority to the species – and not the individual.
It seems the reproductive system, unlike other body parts, is subservient to the species germ-line. The selection of traits will be determined by what is good for the species, not on the needs and wants of the individual.

Interaction between parasite and host

In an attempt to understand our role as part of the reproductive system of a creator species it will help to look again at how we reproduce.
Most women are happy to have a baby despite the pain of child birth and the tremendous physical demands it places on her. Yet a female body initially seems unwilling to host sperm (gametes). When first inseminated her reproductive system sees male sperm cells as parasitic and will mount defences. There seems however a level of control, not yet understood, that can signal the female body to stop defending and to allow invading gametes to take control of their host.

Male gametes have to carry a copy of the human genome from the lower vagina, through the cervix, the womb and into the oviduct, and then find and penetrate the female egg - something we might think would be completely impossible. It would seem however the female body is intent on making the job even more difficult.
For example; many sperm are ejected in flow-back even before they have a chance to enter the cervix. Some sperm cells are coated with immunogammaglobulin (IgG). Leucocytes from blood then phagocytose IgG coated sperm cells. On entering the cervix they must try to find their way through 10,000 cervical crypts. The journey through the cervix can be made even more difficult by the excretion of thick cervical mucus. After passing through the cervix they must find their way into the womb, enter the correct oviduct, locate the female egg and then attempt to penetrate its hard wall.
So why is the female body making the job even more difficult when the successful reproduction of our species depends on the sperm cells finding and fertilising the female egg? Well it seems the female body can also provide help.
The cervical mucus entraps the weaker and less able sperm. It can also be watery and guide the path of selected sperm. Cervical mucus reduces the acidity of the vagina and makes it possible for more sperm to survive. Some cervical crypts provide preferential pathways for sperm and contractions also assist the uptake of sperm into the womb. Smooth uterine muscular contractions assist the passage of sperm. And amazingly; once in the womb something appears to signal the sperm; letting them know which oviduct they must enter to find the female egg. The womb then secretes enzymes that are essential for breaking down the hard wall of the female egg – making it possible for the sperm cell to penetrate the egg and to complete the task of fertilisation. (see Part 2, Q&A 23, Are people parasitic on planet earth?)
The point we are making here is that the female reproductive system is selective. It is testing, guiding and helping selected sperm - ensuring the success of the system.
And we claim there is a similar process happening between humans and our living mother earth. If our planet is part of the reproductive system of a female member of a creator species, she too needs to be convinced conscious life on earth has genetic endowments suitable for her future progeny.

So how does all this relate to our claim that human consciousness is a God Gamete? We contend the creator species are not reproducing their bodies. They are reproducing their souls. Rather than selecting for fitness and adaptability, they are selecting for strength of character. They retain bad and evil people to test our ability, and our desire, to do good.
We claim bad people act as their selective agent – same way ‘survival of the fittest’ selects genetic endowments that will code for healthy and well adapted future progeny.

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