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Hi Susan. Ha ha. Nice touch at the end of your post.

I caught a bit of interaction up above where scientific evidence can be perceived as lacking when it should highly state whether something is verified or not, instead of hinting at results leaning one way or the other...I'm paraphrasing of course. I recently read a paper on a study to do with a part of the brain which, when less than healthy, results in hallucinations and other things, especially if the person is engaged in specific activities which have certain ways of thinking using several areas of the brain at once.

Using an fMRI while a person is urged in different ways has scans showing which areas of the brain are engaged, and how strong the signals are denotes how well areas are functioning. As a control, a healthy person also undergoes the same experiences and scans reveal what normalcy looks like compared to someone with injury or such. The problem with scientists trying to understand more about which areas of the brain do what, and how more or less activity in certain areas results in different effects to people, is that some areas of the brain that should not be engaged at all when certain activities are being performed are actually engaged, and under normal conditions, those areas function other than what the effects are producing in people with brain injuries of similar kinds.

Some studies may not at all give over the right answers because combinations of things the brain does under normal operation show normal areas being used in normal ways, and yet just one or two or a few other areas also operating under certain conditions give up whole other ways of function and experience to people. Instances of telepathy are few and far between for folk who experience such a thing, and even an fMRI defining what is actually going on in the brain may not be enough for scientists to confirm what is necessary in neuronal activity and specific areas of the brain being used...plasticity may offer enhanced functions because some areas of the brain being used in combination with other areas has a whole new way of expression and performance.

Blind people have enhanced hearing, deaf people have enhanced eyesight, people who can't smell feel things quite differently etc. And the heart can speak to the mind and the sight of a puppy playing with a child speaks to the heart...psychology can describe a lot of stuff but it doesn't define everyone at all...just the basics please and work from there. Why does someone hate the taste of peas? Because they stepped on a lego brick as a child. How does that happen...ah, a nerve was affected which shocked something in the brain and now a combination of things mean peas taste real bad. If I was playing darts while on a roller coaster and reciting a formula for the possibility of finding a red sock in dusty warehouse, could I possibly hear a pin drop amongst 40 balls also dropping at the same time? Maybe...using several parts of the brain at once can do odd things to folk, even give them halucinations, which mushrooms can also do.

It is amazing that something ingested can do the same thing as a certain combination of areas of the brain operating at once. I wonder how long it will be before telepathic operation is expressed as a formula describing which areas of the brain are operating under certain conditions, and a tablet will easily do the same thing.

What do you think?

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