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(or, when coincidence, conspiracy and opportunity keep bumping into each other)

a wild bat, that carries a new strain of virus, contaminates a Chinese "wet market",
where the virus mutates and jumps to a human.
The virus is transmitted by touch and water droplets, its highly contagious, and lethal,
and very soon the W.H.O. declares a global pandemic,
calling the new virus a "novel coronavirus" with no known treatment.
Many world leaders, under guidance, order nationwide "lockdowns",
with many people told to stay at home.
"Normal" everyday society is changed to a "new normal".
What follows is general chaos and confusion, panic buying, civil unrest, new laws, pop up morgues,
along with internet conspiracy theorists spreading misinformation,
all the while, cool headed scientists have been working behind the scenes on a vaccine from the start.

So far, so familiar?,
so what?

Anyway, spoiler,

In the end a vaccine is made (with the heroic scientist testing on herself!),
Its rolled out across the land and everyone happily lines up to get it.
Also, the conspiracy theorists are rounded up and shown to be the bad guy liars they really are,
and the world goes back to the ""new" new normal"!,
the end!

What you've just read is the basic plotline for a movie called "Contagion",
a top streaming movie during lockdown (which was when I first saw it).
It was made in 2011!!

I have to say its a hell of a hit!
(maybe even getting up there with the Simpsons power of prediction?),
but, obviously a hell of a coincidence, and, we haven't got to the end, yet,
but who knows with the way things are now,
Ministers and newspapers calling for social shaming of the non compliant
and a rising chorus of " let's not let the anti vaxxers endanger us all"
even tho, if the vaccine works on you, why should care about some anti vaxxer spreading a disease to other anti vaxxers?, you'll be alrite.

But back to the sub title,

Conspiracy keeps bumping into Coincidence and Opportunity, and says,
"We gotta stop meeting like this, people will talk!"
Opportunity says "fuck the people, they're ripe stupid",
Coincidence shrugs...

Its been a weird year for this sort of thing,
Like Epstein, suicide, end of,
forget about piss breaking guards, glitchy CCTV, signs of outside strangulation, a pedo kills himself, good!,
although, I'd say the people happiest he's dead are not the victims,
Oh, and let's fire the guy chasing leads!, what?
wait, one of the accusers has meningitis?? WTF?

Shrug that, there are serious social issues afoot that need you to fly a flag,
Which flag is for you?,
(I know it sometimes feels like wave the white,
but how about a black flag fuckers?)

back to the virus,

A bat you say, a wet market,
Yeah, I know there's a bio lab up the road dickin around with coronavirus,
but yeah, shrug dude,
and don't even think about an investigation in Wuhan man, we may have a water problem soon
(not that we'd let you snoop around anyway, fuckers)

Also, what's changed about the success of a coronavirus vaccine?
I thought they where way too mutant?

What would be the best product in the world?
A product that can always be easily reproduced?
A product always in demand?
A product that eliminates choice?
How about a mandatory product that needs to be renewed every year?
The holy grail of capitalism for sure,

We live in very distrustful times,
everybody disbelieves in something,
we've all been fed shit and told to like it at some point in our lives,
from the lowest levels to the highest,
(sh)it does happen,
member W.M.D.? protests worked a treat there, power to the people indeed,

Why do we live in such distrustful times?

Some say the internet has given access to too much information,
the waters are mud,
but what about the masses not in on the know?, the official story clipped?,
like kids shielded from adult things, are we, the plebs, the children of the world?

For the record, I wouldn't class myself as a anti vaxxer or anti masker,
I'd say I'm a cautious skeptic,
which is not the sole domain of people who don't believe in ghosts and shit,
Anyone can ask questions,
and we should be allowed to raise eyebrows and questions without empty, discussion breaking statements like
"Conspiracy theory!", "pseudoscience!" "pseudo archeology!",
or "Nazi", "leftral", "red or blue?"

Second thoughts, fuck it, bring it on,
I've gone full lockdown madness...

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