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and from the horses mouth []

Dr. Soumya SWaminathan

first 1:25 minutes is her presenting how absolutely safe vaccines are and then, five days later in a conference of concerned scientists (perhaps they weren't aware of this being recorded?), they obviously have significant concerns and go on to comment on lack of research and losing faith of many in the field who witness the damage.

I always said that I get the theory of vaccines but that one would have to be an idiot to trust these companies enough to take these shots/give them to healthy kids. this video, we can listen to the players themselves re: their concerns.

edited to say that this isn't the full video which I watched previously. I don't know where that video is now and only just now noticed that the link above is only just the start of them addressing their concerns - it doesn't have the comments/concerns raised by the other conference participants.

Anyone able to find the full question/answer vid of this conference?

another edit to add...


This fellow talks about the purpose of the meeting - safety of vaccines etc., and one can get an idea early on whether they are interested or not. I've quickly scanned through his video and he does include the above ie: concerns raised by other doctors/attendees at the safety conference.

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