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GlaxoSmithKline The Winnowing

GSK Corruption

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The real Hell

It is my hope that when enough people read this they sell their shares in a giant attempt to implode this company! Check this post in a week and then see what the share price is at.
Oh Crap

My reasons for reporting this and not doing it since my entire time at this forum. It took me some time to realize their methods more importantly the illuminati or super wealthy Roth Child desires. What do they want, they want it all. Huge estates with no more people except the in crowd. So before the Sh*t hits the proverbial fan which is sooner than you think. It could already be here and I believe this new epidemic of Influenza / B Victoria started in New York. Just check this out. Makes you wonder right?

What would the method of the coming human culling be? It's a no brainier it would be a weaponized flu either synthetic or released with no real vaccine for the masses or what the elite call us the rabble.

Yes if GlaxoSmithKline manufactures a global killer it will include the super vaccine to the rich who are on board. So you you are wondering do vaccines work yes in no. It depends on the cocktail you receive. If you are one of the fools who pulls up to a drive through vaccine service and receive it free then wtf are you stupid? But if you are a Billionaire with a doctor who is connected my bet is you get the real one! Please don't be a moron, my point in this video!

It is not my opinion that some billionaires are better people according to their winnowing doctrines. Also it would not be fair to include every billionaire on earth is seeking to depopulate the earth.

Are GlaxoSmithKline vaccines really benign or did the lot contain keys with synthetic adhesion's manufactured to penetrate cells? What company could make this possible, yes of course the largest one, GlaxoSmithKline! Why would they do this? It's about the culling agenda which billionaires like Gates and Ted Turner are for! GSK is the vehicle for the next Pandemic!


Proof in this video that Bill Gates mentions tools for depopulation:


New partnership between GSK and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate research into vaccines for global health needs
PDF GSK forced meds on infants and children, Orphans aids trials

Here's how a virus works 3min:

Is a Pneumonia Vaccine Even Necessary?
Getting back to GlaxoSmithKline's pneumonia vaccine trial—in which 14 children died


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