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Is anyone left with impression that he's Putin's butt buddy or any other slur that has been tossed out there since his election? Wow...truly the 50 year communist plot come to

Now we are on to Ukraine...

Seems they just made the big announcement about the Burisma crime of the century...and Trump remains the 'Orange Man Bad' while Biden stumbles around on the debate stage. And we're the stupid cultists? ;)

No my recognized by the protesters in Iran which tore down the 'death to America' 'sign' (put up by the gov't), Trump isn't Drumpf. You've been brainwashed and it's time to wake up. Rather have Hillary? She's less innocent, by far, than Biden. Isn't it a shame that her 'Foundation' lost another $30 million the past year. uh huh - nuttin goin on over at that 'charity'.

edited to add..

Very interesting, at the 9:25 minute mark to see this come true. Where are we now...? We have very low interest rates and yet oil prices at the pump are really high. Also interesting is to see his current detractors(enemies) interactions with Trump when he was a citizen. My how times rapidly change for the feeble minded...

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