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The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.
Chosen long ago to commemorate the war dead.
Initially of the First World War.
A British tradition with a poppy flower emblem.
Remembering the poppy fields of Flanders where millions of young men
died in the trenches.... for nothing. A few hundred yards of mud.
'Lions led by donkeys'. The donkeys being the psychopathic generals who
cared nothing for the youth of Britain, Germany, France & the rest
mowed down in imperial war games.

Nothing much has changed. The killing weapons a tad more sophisticated.
Proxies used rather than committing one's own ground troops.
Planes, drones, missiles reeking havoc as much amongst civilians as
combatants.Weapon systems happily sold without discrimination by Britain,
the US & others. Weapons of death & destruction sold for profit under the
guise of 'defence'.

The donkeys still rule the roost. The sheeple say nothing, grazing on, heads down.
Were they ever 'lions'? Not really. The 'lions' willingly enlisted to be slaughtered,
like lambs, on the western front. Fed by the relentless propaganda machine
of the 'elite' they, on the whole, volunteered for the 'war to end all wars'.
Doing their patriotic duty. Or that's what the propaganda had them believe.
Each side supported by their church of course, reassuring the men that God was on their side.
Led by their paranoid, psychopathic masters; the political & military hierarchy.

The same politicians & military hierarchy who like to dress up in their
peacock uniforms and ostentatiously wear their poppies today.
Poppies now so ubiquitous that no one can appear on the BBC for three weeks
before armistice day without having a poppy stuck on them by the Ministry
of Political Correctness that is the BBC. No longer a matter of personal choice
now a requirement of the political establishment. Another signal of virtue
in the matrix. Not so much remembering the (long) dead & the futility of all
wars but remembering our warmongering history & dreaming of empire past.

They do not commemorate the 'fallen' so much as rejoice in the military mindset.
A mindset which hasn't changed. And won't change until the sheeple (the real victims
of war) rise up and say 'enough'. Time for the silent majority to wake up.

Three movies to watch to bring home the stupidity of our era's perpetual warfare.
Here are clips but see the full movies to appreciate & be repulsed by the toxic war mentality.

Peter Jackson's ( a New Zealander) story of World War 1 retold using re-mastered
contemporary film. They shall not grow old.

Stanley Kubrick's Paths of Glory & Dr Strangelove.

Paths of Glory looking at the horrors of World War 1.
A movie banned in France for many years because it offended the elite.

Dr Strangelove a satire about the age of nuclear warfare.
Condemned in the US for undermining morale & belief in the US's moral superiority.
A tale for our times about the the folly of nuclear
war & how accidents can & will happen when paranoia rules the world.

That war will be the war to end all wars.

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