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They used to call them bumpers decades ago. Their purpose was to cushion the impact of cars running or backing into each other parked or in stop and go traffic on the freeway. You've all experienced it, most on a daily basis. Stop, go, stop, go ..whoops. Bang. Once the first one happens, traffic can be backed up for miles, and very often more happen as a result of the stop and go. When the jam finally clears a half hour or longer later, you see two bumperless cars on the side of the freeway, drivers taking information and maybe a highway patrol car. All that time that is what was causing the delay, a minor fender bender. The metal in the body of the car is also paper thin and contoured and curved for looks or aerodynamics. The cars are also small. Even the most minor fender bender is at least a $1,500 claim on insurance. All this basically to save fuel costs. Oh I know, I've heard the argument that the car is design to crunch up to take the impact to minimize injury to the driver. And all the fuel savings, really? In stop and go traffic? And what is the average life of these cars? At least half of the cars are also imported from another country so the makers don't even create jobs. So here we go around again with more green space illogic. May I suggest a simple solution - cars with thicker metal bodies and with real bumpers that can cushion an impact of at least 5 mph like they used to be made. Think of the time, money, and job costs of these expensive, low quality cars that make up 80 percent of vehicle traffic on our freeways. Bottom line - somebody is making a lot of money selling junk. The costs to the economy in terms of lost productivity and time must be enormous. But as long as the consumer keeps buying them, the manufacturers will keep making them. Have a pleasant trip to work this morning!

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