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I am not sure if this falls into Mystery, History or Global Village too
Is it realistic to wonder if civilisation is allowed to progress to a high level then deliberately crashed ? As if each main population of the world in turn evolves through invention and discovery then gets wiped out.
We have so many ancient artefacts to puzzle us when we should still know what they mean.
In my lifetime I have seen the 'Cultural Revolution' in China,the USSR, Pol Pot and lately ISIS..all intent on reducing the country to Ground Zero, rewriting history and trying to impose 1984 on the population. Destroying all records seems a priority.
People were not ignorant. Most had absolutely no need to read and write so all we have left is the Oral Tradition, passed down word for word, the Myths and Legends, which my marvellous History Teacher told us to treat like written records as they were probably more accurate. Plenty of symbols have survived, possibly because the destroyers did not know what they meant.
Victors write the history books !

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