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Hello all,

This is my first post on these forums, as I have just created an account after watching Graham's TED talk. My life journey has gradually led me into the question of consciousness, and how it's under a constant barrage from the many events and distractions of everyday life. I have been aware of the 'elite' for a few years, from movies like Zeitgeist and other independent research, and how the strings are being pulled by a select few, but I never really understood the reasons. Through my own research, study, and practical application of things learned I had come to a lot of similar conclusions as were presented in Graham's talk, albeit not nearly as eloquent or organized as how he puts it.

This brings me to the purpose of this post. I have felt a tremendous pull to begin to do something, anything, to further the cause of free consciousness and fight against the designs and traps set out for the masses in this messed up, 3D reality we are currently experiencing. More than just bettering myself or working on my own consciousness. There must be some secret cause to join, or some like minded people with resources to make some stuff really happen.

I mean how can I just go back to normal life after realizing that we are trapped in this reality, doomed to repeat time and time again so our energy can be fed on by higher dimensional beings. What other cause or calling could be more important than that of educating others on the true nature of existence? I believe it is everyone's inherent right to evolve themselves and their consciousness as much or as little as they desire. If this wasn't such an important and vital aspect of our development, so much time and energy and money wouldn't be funneled into this war on our consciousness.

So I ask does anyone here know of anything or anyone trying to seriously make a difference? If so please message me. My account is brand spanking new, so I dont have any rep, but I have a frickin strong desire to be moving towards what I feel is my true calling, and that is telling other what is up. Hopefully opening their eyes or at least planting seeds of awareness that can hopefully grow if nurtured right. I hope there are, and I hope that together we can begin to grow the awareness of our collective un/consciousness.

Take care all

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