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There really is not a board for alien artifacts. Can't post on Science board without hard evidence. But the existence of hypothetical alien artifacts don't really fit the definition of the Paranormal or Inner Space boards either. Mysteries does not fit either. So I will post this in GTP because there is a conspiracy in this document.

See: While Astronomers Debate Oumuamua Spacecraft Hypothesis, a Secret Mission Was Sent to Explore It.

Here is the actual science part. The mysteries of Oumuamua are as follows:
1. It appears to have been "at rest" in relation to the "Local Standard of Rest". In other words, the solar system ran right into it. This is like a buoy in the water as a ship approaches and passes it.
2. It was reflective (inferred by low thermal emission).
3. As it passed near the sun, no outgassing was seen, thus not a comet.
4. Yet it increase speed - no known method exists for this, since it did not outgas anything to accelerate. (The only formally announced speculation is that it is a discarded "light sail" from an alien civilization, thus solar pressure accelerated it.)
5. Its shape was highly unusual - very long in proportion to its width. There are zero observed asteroids in the solar system that fit this shape.

So here is the conspiracy part from link above - this is from an article dated January of 2019:


According to Corey Goode, who claims to have worked on multiple secret space programs, he watched a video recording of a covert landing mission to Oumuamua conducted by an alliance of these programs that first observed it prior to its entry into our solar system...

In January 2018, Goode provided a detailed description of what he saw in a video shown to him and others attending a briefing concerning recent covert space activities. Goode wrote about what he witnessed along with the explanation by a former USAF officer [Sigmund] participating in the briefing:

The person leading the meeting then brought our attention to a large smart-glass pad monitor that was lowering from the ceiling. Sigmund then stood up and said “I have a treat for the both of you.” He walked up to the monitor and stared at it while talking. He stated that they had been monitoring what appeared to be a derelict space craft that was headed towards our Sol System.

This would prove to be the same cigar-shaped “asteroid” that NASA and the mainstream media dubbed Oumuamua, and publicized widely in this same time frame.

Goode next explained what he was told about secret space mission sent to observe and land on Oumuamua:

Sigmund puffed up proudly and stated, “I led an expedition to see who this craft belonged to. Wait until you hear what we found.” Suddenly we started seeing all sorts of readings and telemetry on the monitor. I could also hear what sounded like an old NASA radio transmission. There were beeps along with a pilot calling in positions of his craft, as well as the one he was trying to dock with. That lasted for about five minutes as I saw the two craft spiraling closer and closer together.

As the pilot matched the spin of the object they were approaching, you could see a long cigar-shaped structure that had shiny patches of what looked like ice on the outside. It was obviously made of stone, and looked as if it had been through many meteor showers and collisions. The video broke to a scene where a few people who were suited up in space suits were pushing themselves through what looked like a bored-out hole going down into the rock.

Goode also described what secret space program astronauts found when entering inside Oumuamua:

The shuttle had docked with the mystery vessel close to what looked like a metallic oval dome, which was sitting about a third of the way down its fuselage. It appeared to have been breached many times, and was full of holes and dents from obvious impacts. In the next scene, you could see the men in a weightless environment, with lights on their chests, helmets and the tops of their wrists. They split up and were talking to each other through the communications systems in their suits.

One of them was chipping samples out of the icy residue on the floors and walls. This same frozen, organic sludge was on the outside of the ship as well. It appeared like foamy, dirty lake water that had been frozen. The ship was obviously very ancient. It had been boarded and stripped of technology many times by unknown races.

Sigmund stated that when they tested the sludge later, they determined that it was partly the remains of the original crew. There were many panels removed from the walls, ceilings and floors, leaving empty compartments where technology was once located.

Of course, this all sounds like complete fiction. There are science-fiction action-adventure stories with similar plots. Or maybe this is real, and the USA really has an advanced covert space agency. Anyway, enjoy!

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