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After the Age of Reason comes the Age of Algorithm.
An age of mass surveillance.
An age of mass manipulation.

Manipulation at the subconscious level.
Not just China think also of the Land of the Free.
Where the techniques were developed.
Driven initially by the profit motive ( Mammon made the USA what it is today)
Then usurped by the state as a means of controlling the masses.
Information monopolies sanctioned by the state in return for a 'back door' into the data banks.

Brave New World meets 1984 & Big Brother.
George Orwell saw the future but even he couldn't imagine how technology would enable mastery of the masses.
Where every citizen voluntarily carried a device that could listen to every word said, that could track location,
record forever every thought written or spoken. Where enormous computers sorted & sifted all that information
determining who was 'friend' or 'foe'. Who was to be rewarded, who punished, by the all pervasive state and its
often volunteer 'thought police'. A police force vigilantly trawling ancient tweets to identify past 'thought' crimes.
A state, of course, serving an un-elected self perpetuating elite, however nominally 'democratic' the society.

So called 'democracy' - the greatest invention in manufacturing the consent of the masses.
It wouldn't be allowed if it changed anything

The beauty is the people don't even realize they are being manipulated by the neo-aristocracy - the Data Manipulators. And worse, when it is pointed out to them, most don't care. The sheeple just graze on.
They voluntarily surround themselves with the devices that monitor their every move & record their every thought.
Providing food for the insatiable appetites of the algorithms which seek to control their lives.

Soon to be controlled by AI - artificial intelligence - computers/machines that 'think'.
Initially working to goals set by humans. Soon being allowed to set their own 'goals'.
Goals of course consistent with the elite's interests; power & greed. Their God - Mammon.
The move to enslaving the masses is already well underway. The 'West' oblivious in its 'democratic' conceit.

The 'gig' economy helping drive down labour costs ie the standard of living of the majority, consigned to jobs
with no security, no health provision, no pension rights & ever longer working hours.
Soon control of the sheeple will be handed over to AI & the algorithms.
The middle classes, who happily saw the demise of trade unions for the lower orders, while hanging on to their 'closed shops'in their protected professions; law, medicine, academia etc, are next for impoverishment at the hands of AI.
Will they slumber on? Time will tell.

The GiG grind - a story of the working class

Next the middle class - Hoovering up health data

You are in the Matrix.
Time to wake up....

The Great Hack netflix

BBC who is watching you

Edward Snowden - hero & martyr

Surveillance Capitalism

Lessons for the 21st Century

Democracy Hacked



Clouds are gathering, they are dark & destructive
We cannot escape the storm
It is of our own making, our cultural karma
The fury that will be unleashed is the work of Law
Cultivating greed, aggression & conceit
Brings an inevitable harvest
Sow the wind , reap the whirlwind

In awe of Reason we spurned Spirit
Materialism was born & suckled by Science
The child of a God-less mechanistic world
Grown vain in its clever conceptual certainty
Mammon and Mars filled intellect’s vacuum
Serving only to deliver us to our fate
But the darkest hour lies just before dawn

Death is only the prelude to re-birth
The flame of Spirit is never extinguished
God’s seed is planted deep in the heart of humanity
That seed Will seek out the Light
A new day, a new opportunity to learn
That head needs heart
To illuminate the Path of Purpose


From ‘Insight of Perspective’ Poems on Purpose by A.L.Pine

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