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Admittedly, this post is mainly directed towards my old friend Tbird. Knowing your position on Jones, I think this hour long vid of Jones describing, in his view, what is actually happening geopolitically is one of his most intriguing run downs I've listened to in a long time.

I've followed Red Ice radio on and off for almost as many years as I've listened to Alex. They don't get everything right either - I think they are off the mark here. Starts off with Trumps announcement of new Hillary emails but then expands into Middle east intrigues (Kashoggi, Iranians, Hezbollah...all of it)

Hope you find of interest Tbird and I look forward to your thoughts should you reply.

Much more interesting than any movie imv.

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Alex Jones breaks down current events 1886 Racho 25-Nov-18 18:17
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