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Here is an excerpt from my latest post "Dragon Quest":

There are many myths about dragons that all contain elements of truth or wisdom. Nevertheless, it is generally agreed that they are shy and extremely hard to find. Many of our ancient ancestors devoted entire lives never to find one. But, please don’t fret as it is the discovery tour that makes an interesting and fulfilled life. Any prize is a happy bonus. Indeed, there always is more joy associated with the quest than completing it.

Dragon is a version of an older word: Drakkon. In earlier articles I have mentioned the Draco. There is a Draco or “the Draco” (group). Though Drakkon is not widely known or used, there is a dragon and “the Drakkon” (group). When undertaking serious considerations about these beings (not creatures, as they are significantly spiritually mightier than man), it must be from a position of comprehension, particular concerning matters of DNA, God or Gods. Our rudimentary science, as hard as it tries, does not understand DNA at all. Genetic enlightenment cannot be found in the chemical compounds viewed as signatures in nucleic acids and so on. That would be like trying to determine what motivates the weather from the rudimentary analysis of raindrop patterns. Yes, certain clues can be assumed; however, reason and truth are but alien concepts. That is because real DNA cannot be viewed (in the physical sense) as it is stored in a dimension adrift of conscious reality.

When man discovers (or, perhaps better put, if man is allowed to discover) real DNA the secret of our genetic history will be revealed in plain sight. I do not think the brotherhood that manipulates to lead the global “flock” will be around if this happens. My readers do not need them for I can tell you DNA is manufactured in blocks defining vast catalogues of scenarios designed to attribute the infinitely detailed requirements of expressive forces required for all life and the stages beyond. Our DNA allows God to breathe, or perhaps I am giving too much away.

The Drakkon were given control of a particular DNA block under license of Ba’al.

“Wh..what?” I hear a few readers exclaiming, “DNA blocks, Drakkon, Ba’al, eh?”

The Anunaki, Ba’al, Drakkon hierarchy was discussed in an earlier post, but I shall provide summary and some additional information for those that have not read it yet. Contrary to popularised wisdom expounding the observations of Zechariah Sitchin’s interpretation of information housed in a selection of Sumerian stone tablets, the Anunaki cannot be physical. As beings, they exist in a dimensional frequency too far removed from our primitive senses. They are so far removed that even “higher beings” (from man) cannot experience them either. So in order to create a bridge, specific (spectral) character traits of the whole or group manifested as unique beings. The group name of these subordinate Gods is “Ba’al”. Individuals are sometimes described in the Sumerian tablets. Revolting, drooling, sea creatures the likes of “Sassu-wunnu” seem to fit the profile.

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