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The beings that live in the hyper dimensions are made up of subtle vibrations.
I have met some who look like Hybrid Praying Mantis human beings.

I have met some beings that look like bioastral bugs. They seem to be covered in a metalic like substance, they are hybrid machine-Organic beings. the first time i encountered them, they were cutting pieces of my energy field off, and replacing these pieces with new ones, that were very colourful and shiney. Like when you cut pieces of bruiseing off of fruit.
they buzzed around me at a very high speed and it was very interesting to watch.

About 8 years ago i was in a hottub by myself in a hotel room, (we had rented the honeymoon suite for after the 'String Cheese Incident' Concert)
and i was smoking Dmt, I would take a hit and then submerge my head under the water, the Audio Hallucinations that you get from a blast of Dmt were being altered by the sound of the Jets in the Water, it sounded so amazing,,kinda like a Underwater Techno symphony, It made me laugh. Anyways, I ran out of Dmt, so I scraped the pipe and prepared a hit of i inhaled the raunchy resin smoke, A portal appeared on (or in) the Wall in front of me.
This Amazing beautiful spirit came out of it, leaned right out of the WALL! it had a head like a Bull, crossed with a Ant and Human...(if you can imagine that) it telepathically YELLED at me, i can still here it to this day. And it was this experience, 2 years into my relationship with DMT, that made me realize that i was to use this molecule with The Utmost respect. Not that I was abusing it,,,it just really struck home in my heart. The Being said...

I shook my head with a startled "YES," and then the apparation dissapeared back into the Wall. It was a very crazy expereince.

I have met up with the Little people that the shamans speak about, and that Terence dubbed "The self transforming Machine elves."
Too me they are quite meschevious, and funny. They are always busy doing strange doings, sometimes they have my full attention, other times they completely ignore me. Sometimes they crowd around me so tightly that i can feel there presence before i even begin to Teleport to their realm.
Then when i make the transition they all laugh and distort their faces, and such and so forth......

As far as Physical Aliens go, Im not too sure what to think. Im begining to think that The Alien abduction experience is a Interdimensional tryp, other than a actual physical one.
I have many times been teleported to what appears to be the inside of a space ship.....

Anyways much to think about.


'The Universe is an intelligence test' -Tim Leary

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