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Aya is renound (by now) for "straightening out" what is wrong with one. I am looking at some DVDs from Netflix, but they beat the bushes and do not go much to the meat of the phenomena.

Before you take the plunge into altered space, let me give you one other option, and if you try it, I would really appreciate some feedback, as this is a route of treatment which I have (sort-of) pioneered.

Like the herbals industry, this cottage industry is dependent on feedback from patrons. But word of mouth is a good thing, most of the time!!

It involves the use of O.R.M.E.s or Orbitally Rearranged Molecular Elements .. or what "may" be called the Clays of Creation because they have such an affinity for and play natively with DNA.

I get most of mine from ZPTech, but I have also used the M-3 from Atlantis Alchemy. I have to say I am afraid of the high powered water which is not filled in on my web pages, it still sits in the aluminum foil in the fridge. :(

They are also called BECs or Bose Einstein Condensates, they are high spin state or high energy manifestations of the common elements we know and use all the time. Gold is the ancient favored one.

I use them for the treatment of Migraines.
Start page:

In dosage on this page, it says about the size of a chocolate chip, but I have used up to 1/2 Gram, or half a bottle at one time, with excellent results (except for the extra salt on the soft pallet ... a small discomfort).

It may be helpful to build up in stages: To that end, one may start with a couple weeks on magnetized water (sounds funny, but honestly, you may find you like it!).

I take this with Liquid Lecithin to build up the brain cells, also CoQ10 sub lingual, Turmeric for brain enzymes, and Yeast Tablets for the Gro-E L template molecule it provides for brain cell formation (avoids beta sheeting in the brain).

The process uses neodymium magnets for strength.

You can use a fish tank bubbler and make it by the glassful; or put a couple bottles of reverse osmosis bottled water into a blender with Celtic Salt or Himalayan Salt, and spin it through a magnetic field for a minute or so.
I use One Half --to-- One Tablespoon Salt for each bottle (~ 2 cups) of water.
Do not let your salt dry out!

The recommended pattern is 4X by 2X --2 sets of magnets on four plates:
(construction 2X4 plates from the hardware store) .. Four Plates with two magnets on the top and two magnets on the bottom ... just tape them on your blender.

You change the field of the magnets to be opposite the nearest magnets.
This forces a breakdown of any existing fields currently within the water and make it much more "natural", or "non-complexed".
(When you get them in the mail, you can use paint or nail polish to mark each one for positive or negative ... in a stack, they are all pointing the same way).

Here is my idea, but it was hinted in O.R.M.E.s Group on Yahoo! that this was too many magnets!!
They suggest only two on the upper level, and two on the lower level, .. so 4 magnets on each of the four plates: 16 total!

After a couple days on the spun salt water, you may wish to try some O.R.M.E.s. I find them delightful, always welcome, and they banish my headaches within an hour, or less (except the terrible ones which have taken 2 hours).

I take the O.R.M.E.s and meditate, (sit up straight, and do not fall asleep). On my worst, it was 2 hours, and then I felt the pressure lift off of me, like taking off an oppressive hat. It was wonderful, and I have not had one like that since.

I keep some Zinergy or white powdered gold on hand, and when the headache comes on, I just take it, and keep it in the mouth, against the soft palette. Usually it works right away. Certainly faster than any aspirin!

Hope this helps! Migraines are a terrible blotch on our world!

Beware the Adze!
Beware the land it came from.
... ... ...
That chisel of metal ~bi3 n pt~
With which he opened the mouths of the gods.

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