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Hello Lynn,

I've been reading about your futile efforts to control your migraines, and I really feel for you. I do not have migraines or have I ever had them. This post is more towards the psychedelic route.

As a young punk I experimented with mushrooms, LSD, ect. quite often as a "recreational" drug. (Not the most nobale cause, I know) Anyways, I have no regrets, but I do feel in ways i was lucky. I've read half of Supernatural, and therefore have read what Graham had to say about some of his experiences. Although Graham and I have been led down this path for different reasons, I see many similarities between his experiences and mine.

Now to the point.
I have come to the conclusion that environment is a VERY important part of these experiences. It is very important, that if you do chose to go the ayahuhasca route, that you pay close attention to the environment that you'll be "taking" your treatment in.
I believe it is important to be comfortable, have plenty of water, and cut yourself off from everday distractions. The mind is going through a powerful um um .. "something" and everday reality can really throw a monkey wrench in it. (obviously i'm not as eloquent as some of the other writers on here.)

I have not experrienced this in quite some time, but after reading Supernatural and seeing the more spiritual side of it, I won't rule out ever doing it again.

You probably know this information already, Lynn.
If so, take this with a grain of salt.
But it was being discussed as like taking an asprin.

Good Luck to you,
and I really do hope you find the relief you deserve.


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