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Quatrain X.66
Le chef de Londres par regne L'Americh,
L'isle d'ecosse t'empiera par gellee:
Roy Rebauront un si faux Antechrist,
Que les mettra trestous dans la meslee:

Known as the 'American' verse translates (albeit in a simplified manner)
The chief of London by the American reign,
The Isle will divide thee from Scotland by frost:
They will have again as King one who is so false an Antechrist,
That he will put them altogether in a conflict.

Sounds a lot like the Blair - Bush situation at the moment. To quote, 'The leader of England by the power vested through the President'

The line referring to Scotland may have something to do with Scottish regiments possibly being deployed to the 'Front line' in Iraq as opposed to peace keeping. Thus causing a rift between the English and the Scottish Goverments.

Any comments anyone?

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