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In this historic account, written in 1908 by one who had taken part in the history he writes of, a casual, passing mention is made of "a race of giants" living in Wisconsin (about 2 miles from where I type this now) in 1853 - 1855.

"Young Mr. Keeler then taught a winter school three months, in the Rubles district, four miles west of Beloit, which was inhabited by a race of giants from Pennsylvannia. But there were very peaceable young giants and gave no trouble whatsoever to Miss Lucy Ann Brown, who taught that school in the summer of 1853, when she was only seventeen years old."

The writer of that might well be considered a sober, intelligent, reliable "witness". He was a doctor, and the son of a pioneering doctor in this town. Doctors then had their dedication to their work demonstrated by having to make "house calls" almost exclusively (this was the sparsely populated frontier then. Often 5 - 20 miles between houses/signs of human life) many miles away through rut filled mud that passed for roads, in any weather, in horse and buggy.

Beloit College Archives -- Archival Papers -- Beloit Schools and School Teachers.
Published in History of Rock County, vol.1 (1908)
By Horace White


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