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I heard on the radio this morning that she is taking the video the the Durban Varsity to have it checked out by a professor. I have no idea who the professor is, but will keep you posted on what is may or may have not been?

My own experience happened last year, I was on the road at night from Johannesburg to Cape Town going through the Karoo ( a very long and unrelenting road that travels through semi-desert for miles and miles), anyway a bright round disk appearred to come up from the horizon and stay for a couple of seconds and then dissapeared back over the horizon. What made it interesting was that there were many colours that eminated from the disk.

It happened so quickly that I thought I saw things, after it dissapeared my wife whom I thought was asleep next to me in the car, asked if I saw the bright light in the sky?

So she saw it as well. We discussed it for a couple of minutes and forgot about it.


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