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Hello Simon.

I can only assume, Simon that you are not a fan of ‘ Mein Kamf?

I also will assume , that your dis-approval of Hitler’s text means you are motivated by a high sense of Brotherly Love?

Regardless of what you might find as offending thoughts from my posting , of Christ’s message and Rome’s intentions , primarily Julius Caesar’, and the enemies of Rome in those days; My view is far more correct than you realize.

First of all , I do not claim that the Roman State was paradisaical . In fact those times in history were often very brutal. It was difficult just living in a world of city-states, let alone one were the rule of law was harsh for the commoner , if there was a law.
You are right that Rome was Militaristic , that Julius was pompous.
But that’s what it took living as a leader in a society that thought human sacrifices for favor over ones enemies was an acceptable code of law and justice.
Christ was , and regardless of your own views disapproval , was a fake prophet.
He played into the hands of those who desired an end of Roman power , and Roman rules of Law. He preached correctly ideas of Brotherhood , he lived a just life. He lived in an erea of sacrifices of both human and animals , too an gross extent. But those were the ideas acceptable in the minds of men in those times. Fact is, Roman Law was superior Law, than other states competing with Rome. Laws which were , generally, far more just for the citizens of Rome that was usually available in other City-States, ones that competed with Roman rule.
Rome was , to an greater extant than others in those times, an open society at least in the in the main, for citizens. The enemies of the Republic used Rome’s attempt at Representation and higher form of government as an means of social decay, done through the Roman Senate to help bring about destructive internal policies they desired . One of the destructive Internal Policies used was the ideas espoused in the message of Christ through the establishing of a priesthood.
It was a very tough world to rule and even tougher to police. The sea were filled with pirates, these mariners were the enemies of Rome.
Roman ideas of civilization were superior ones in the main. They established order in a chaotic world. They upheld as best they could , the ideas of mans destiny being in the hands of Gods of human virtues. They never claim that the human being , the citizen was in default a sinner. Christ and his band of faithful espoused that line.
The titles of ‘Roman Catholic’, is in fact an insulting attempt at an Empire that once attempted at least the ennobling of mankind. Christ said such things , but he never told the truth. He lied!
Lied to his faithful , created a sacrificial class of believers, ones who a decaying Roman State used as beast of slaughter in the forums.
Don’t misunderstand my words , Simon. Rome was brutal .It never was the best of human organization style. It was Only a beginning for the human attempt at genuine Empire building. A means to and end.
Christ message has an insidious message about it. One that says you and all mankind is his and his alone’s property. That he and he alone allowed the human race to live and will be him that say you can live. He lied !
We the Finite , adventurers in time and space, we do our own bidding. We are not captives of anyone cosmic soul , but are born , imported, freely into this finite expression of self.

Roman ideas may not have been the best ones thought, but at least they had the right angle on human destiny . Rome was not just conquer as a political power , even it’s Gods fell to the lies of default.


Hitler never knew what the H*ll he was talking about. He espoused lies and hate. I do not agree with either.


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