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I am Not Christian. Christ to me, was an Idealistic young man with a high personal virtue about him, in his relations of self-morality. He was a great messenger , unquestionably, for the ideas of peace, love and brotherhood.
Proof of Christ having been a religious leader , need no more proof of his existence, than the writings of his own Apostles. Most of those men and women who followed after Christ idealistically , they had to endure very cruel and barbaric endings of their lives. Sadly for them. But the average Christian follower , he was so over-come with Christ message of salvation, that many simply threw away their own lives as martyrs. Many Christian faithful they became so over come with faith in the supposed glorious life awaiting them, in salvation with Christ and his Supreme Fathers love of them , that they would simply walk into ‘Roman Temples of Worship’ and there then before the Faithful followers of the Roman Gods, would cry with demands that the sinful materialistic Roman Citizens, that they as sinful pagans of false faiths, kill them on the spot, kill them so that they could become then saved as martyrs of righteousness. How unjust of these Christian followers . The republic was facing anew challenge never seen before. Clever were these Messages of salvation. Not Noble messages of human destiny in life , but tales of default and salvation in death.
The Christian faithful , as yourself, are so faithful because of a personal sense of morality. But this High personal standard of self morality as taught in the apostles New Testament , is Not the reason that Christ message was an historical event.
At that time , of Christ, the Roman Empire was under the rule of Augustus Caesar. Julius Caesar had been murdered by a treacherous Senate. Internal power struggles were forging the New World Order. The New World Order was going to be molded after the ideas deceit. Christ message of Brotherly Love was that deceitful message. A message used by the enemies of the republic. The enemies of the Roman Republic were powerful and many. They included great civilizations of Sea Traders. Julius Caesar had failed to defeat Rome’s enemies.
The Caesar’ tried every means to uphold the Republics sovereignty, by expansion against barbarians, to hold back the laws of the uncivilized. The Barbarian Civilizations forged an powerful alliance, that included members who had long hated the republic. These members were messengers of Deceit, done through their seemingly noble doctrines of righteousness, forced on their illiterate populations. Members who went by the Names ; The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Englander Celts , Gauls, Germanics , Egyptians, Persians and often Greek and Macedonian, and many more.
Christ was a fake messenger of human salvation, but the Republic often delivered the goods of life to the commoner. Christ was in the greater view a cancer of organized power and human aspirations of greatness. His followers were lambs lead to the slaughter by the believers of human sacrifices. By the ‘Messenger Kings’ who ruled as Enemies of the Republic.

Long Live the’ Civilized Visions’ of the Caesars, not the ideas of the Lambs of salvation in death. The Roman Catholic was an invention of a clever minded association bent on the down fall of the human destiny.


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