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I dout that we will ever find evidence of Jesus for the following reasons. For one the Romans would not have documented some 'criminal' that they gave to the people to crucify, maybe if Pilate had him personally executed. Also the last thing the Jewish Authorities would want to do is document a 'false prophet who threatens their authority'. They'd rather have him erased from history!
Do I believe in Christ? Yes I do. As a matter of fact I'm Roman Catholic, and faithful of his existance. But for those of you who are sceptical of my faith wqithout proof, I have this to say.
The teachings of Jesus (Jesus is a Greek translation from the name Joshua) are unlike anything of that area and time and I believe he must have travelled to Asia and studied Hindu, or Buhdism and adapted their ideas to his own religon. There is even references in India of a traveller from the West that date back to this time period.

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