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Hello wonderers!

This was an idea I had a week ago that was inspired by certain indigenous cultural beliefs that camara pictures or photographs "steal" one's soul. I'm not sure if anyone has heard of this, but it is found within Africa as well as other places:

"Pérez del Castillo, whose photographic exhibit is on show at the Mexican Cultural Institute until July 7, explains that photographing the Tzotziles was difficult because they are extraordinarily superstitious. The natives object to having their photos taken because they believe that the camera will capture and steal their souls. To accomplish her goal of documenting their beauty, Pérez del Castillo had to resort to various persuasive techniques.


Upon this thought, I pondered a while, presented with the fact that human energy is very real; the brain and the body interact via electrical impulses for one, and secondly, the energy of photons of light passing through the lens of the camera and onto the film itself and then projected and viewed by the lens of your own retinal eye can really be regarded as the transfer of certain energies - so much so, that I would say that it is not unlikely that this "energy" that is inherint within all life forms is captured onto the film!

OK, remarkable, I thought to myself - kind of goes into the Tzotziles superstitions. However, much psycho-analysis can be placed upon the anal-retentive qualities of human beings, and I believe this is semi-related. But that's another post!

Now we come to The Passion of the Christ. A remarkable film both in accuracy and raw artistic imagery, and a film I would strongly recomend to all people. That being said, I will get straight to the point. I believe this movie is God's way of metaphysically reaching out to people in a real supernatural level.

Why do I believe this? It's simple. James Caviezel, the character that plays Jesus was struck by lightning during the shoot! This has tremendous implications for the above theory of energy being captured on film, as I believe that electrical energy can remain in and/or "shift" one's inner energy (what the Chinese call "Chi") and change its vibration levels, its heat output - well there's a number of changes that occur and IMO a whole other area of evaluation that we would have to get into...

Ergo, with Caviezel being struck, I believe that God's energy is present throughout the entire universe, from the smallest of atomic energy to large galactic energy bolts and of course, planetory electricity. In other words, God's energy is literally touching Caviezel and his energy is then being formatted onto this film. This is greatly metaphysical as you can well imagine, all the people viewing the film are veritably taking in this energy from off the screen (the photons entering their eyes) much the same as we interact with television and computer screen energy each and every day - it is all related.

Conclusions? If you believe in God you have to admit that the structure of my argument can literally be taken as God's energy touching each and every person who sees the movie. Even more interesting is the entire premise of the movie itself along with those implications!

This is not propeganda, it is merely just observational on my part - something that struck my curiosity.


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