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"Maybe they wouldn't have human-like emotions...and would not be shackled by such flawed characteristics as those of our greed, loathing and hatred."

Nice philosophical point, but a partial one. If we are to consider the ramifications of first contact with an off-world civilization, we have to consider all parameters; a lack of human-like emotional shackles would include those of love, respect, and compassion, as well. The possibilities are extremely wide ranging.

For instance, simple curiosity, and a desire to observe would be one of the most benign scenarios; but if they then desire to conduct experiments, and tests? If our own 'clinical' attitude toward using other life forms for often destructive (to the experiment subjects) experimentation, and the Nazi and Soviet human experiments is any guide, that would hardly be a benign outcome. If we encounter a civilisation with simple intellectual, sociological curiosity only, we would be rather lucky.

Other scenarios include a benevolent one of guidance, while still leaving us to figure most things out for ourselves (maybe the most benign scenario of all), to much more fearful ones, such as looking for a new colony, and viewing us as an 'infestation' on a basically nice world; i.e., we should be exterminated. Others include an expanding militant 'empire', leaving us conquered or under a 'protectorate', to a civilisation needing resources found on Earth that we may, or may not, be willing or able to give up.

The point is, that one should avoid BOTH a paranoid AND a worshipfull attitude toward any first contact scenario; we should be reasonably open, but watchful, and careful whenever such an event may occur. Our own history, as mentioned before, is full of object lessons; I will add the romanized Celts of southern britain, who wanted help against their enemies, the 'wild' Celts--Scots, Picts, Irish. The called in the Saxons, who did help, then dominated their 'friends' Same with the north American indian tribes...there were plenty of groups that sided with the european empires against their amerind enemies...and the rest, as they say, is history.

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