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About 15 years ago, my best friend of 12 years confided to me that one of her coworkers had come to work that day in an absolute fright. Apparently, the coworker had been in Clackamas, Oregon near a large mall there when the a bunch of military vehicles came roaring up and utterly stopped traffic on this major road. She and her boyfriend were startled by the sudden military presence, like many others, climbed out of their car to try to see what was going on. Apparently, they looked around seeing nothing until they looked in the sky and saw a very large unidentified craft with multiple lights hovering over them. They immediately got back into their car and prayed since they could not go anywhere at all. It left the area a few minutes later along with the military (several trucks filled with armed soldiers). Frightened, they raced to her home and immediately called the news station in regards to the event. She was told that no such event occurred or would be aired on their station. It was the same with other tv stations and radio stations.

I was pretty skeptical hearing about this. After all, how could such a story be suppressed? And why on earth there? Were the aliens stopping to do a bit of shopping or something? But my friend assured me that she believed it because this coworker was so shook up that tears were running down her face and was worthless the entire day. Oddly enough, though, Clackamas, OR has had quite a few ufo sightings since then.

I never saw this event but I trust that my friend wouldn't have lied to me about something like this. Also, the fact that the radio and tv stations wouldn't air the story also struck a chord with me as well. Still, I didn't see it so I can't say for sure that it happened. But it is pretty interesting.

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