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There have been several instances of feeling that something was in the room with me (a 'fear' shiver up the spine), but it seems that detecting and reacting to this has kept any more major encounters from happening; maybe it doesn't like active response/discovery from its targets...hope so...anyway, I tend to be more 'on guard' than I used to.

About the forest, the most curious thing that Happened to me was a disappearing fox (mentioned in the skinwalker thread). When out hunting deer and wild turkey, keeping extremely still and quiet, I have had several squirrels, rabbits, and birds walk right over my legs, perch on my knee, etc, and have seen foxes and coyotes, and deer (in their 'off-season' of course...interesting how they sense when hunting season is over) pass by only a few feet from me, and not even know I was there.

Anyway, this one time, I saw a fox passing by just a few feet in front of me; I didn't hear it, even though the leaf cover was dry. It went on its path, and as it trotted behind a low bush, it disappeared...I never saw it on the other side. It was flat, open woodland, with no place for it to have 'gone to ground' in the usual sense...I looked very just vanished as it was passing behind the bush. And yes, that raised the hairs on the back of my neck, indeed. Since that wierd encounter, I seem to be better able (more alert/on-guard, at least) to detect a general direction of a potential danger/appraoching animal, which is helpful; we had a local fellow who was hunting turkeys (using a call), and was attacked by a bobcat, causing the loss of one eye...seems the cat wanted a turkey dinner, and the guy had no idea that it was stalking him in his hide-away.

Since my encounter with the 'visitor' and the 'fox', so far, no animal has succeeded in sneaking up on me...I suppose I should thank the 'fox' for that, lol.

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