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What you say may indeed be true, but I hadn't even fallen asleep yet; I had just laid down 2-3 minutes before, and was figuring out what the next day's business was to be, when the shadow moved over the headboard. I had heard something about such entities, but the thing that really got to me was the fact that it cast a SHADOW on the headboard from the light on the opposite wall; I rolled over to come face-to-face with a human intruder, bet instead faced this thing...of course, I didn't think of looking for a 'cast shadow' from the light, at the time.

The 'forest fright' you mention is something I'm familiar with, and have felt it on occasion; usually, it seems to have been some form of warning, as in the approach of something hostile... the first time I experienced it, I felt an unaccountable fear, or threat. It certainly got the adrenaline going, and all of my senses were greatly heightened; after a couple of minutes, I heard something move in a thicket nearby, and looked. Right on cue, as it were, out of the thicket charged a couple of wild boars, heading straight for my kneecaps (or so it seemed!), sending me up the nearest tree until they decided to go on therir way. Same kind of pre-warning happened my first time I came eye-to-eye with a bear; I felt that 'something' was wrong for a couple of minutes before I actually SAW the animal.

In my years of hunting and hiking, I learned early to pay attention to whatever the forest itself was trying to tell me; I think that if you're open to the 'signals', you can learn a lot more about the forest than otherwise.

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