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You know, after reading about the mysterious encounters people have had with strange things (skinwalkers, etc), and my own experiences with strange things in the forests of my home area (S.E. USA), I have a question for the board about something that happened to me in my apartment a few years ago.

One night, as I was about to go to sleep, lying in my bed thinking on the next day (errands, etc) I saw a shadow move across my headboard. In my room, the headboard is against the wall, and a dim nightlight is in the wall opposite; the shadow that I saw was exactly the same as when a girlfiend is visiting, and walks past the foot of the bed, casting a shadow on the headboard. Only thing, no one else was in the apartment with me on this night.

Anyway, when I saw the shadow move, my first reaction was " Damn, I have a burgler in my place!!" But when I rolled over to come face-to-face with the intruder, I was absolutely FROZEN! Not a 'fear' freeze, I have had those in the forest enough; I have froze in my tracks a few times when encountering an occasional bear or other animal that gave me a start. This was an outright THERMAL FREEZING, and I shivered uncontrollably, and couldn't breath for a few seconds, and couldn't speak. (I have been quick-froze thermally before, when I was up north in the service, and broke through an iced-over pond, and this was EXACTLY the same feeling).

I couldn't speak, or make a sound, but I could make out a vague, generally vertical 'shadow' that looked as if it were next to the bed; in my mind, I was thinking 'Get out, leave me!', but couldn't speak the words. After repeating this a few times, and bringing up to mind the images of 'guard animals' (pet dogs and cats from the past) the shadow disappeared, and I could breath again, but still felt very cold. Needless to say, I gave up the idea of sleeping that night, and turned on almost ALL the lights in the place!

One curious thing, is that the 'guard animals' seemed to appear on their own, and they were very ANGRY, as if coming to rip this 'shadow' apart; maybe that's what happened. If one gives any creedence to the idea of spirits existing past physical death, I suppose one's pets would be protective of their former 'humans' even after they died.

But a question: Just what WAS this damned 'shadow' thing? I only had the one experience, thankfully, but have, since that time, had the feeling that something was in the room with me, when I had no guests; but it appears that the fact of detecting, and reacting (sitting up and looking for it) makes the feeling dissipate. Maybe the 'guards' are reacting along with me!?

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