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Lake Anjikuni disappearance in Canada.

This story is a complete fabrication as I have researched it since it is in my own backyard.

There never was an "eskimo settlement" at that location based on old maps from the 1930's. This is Chipewyan turf not "eskimo" turf.

There are no RCMP reports confirming any disappearance or investigation into the disappearance.

The story occurs in winter but talks about kayaks being tied up at the docks furthermore the Chips use canoes not kayaks.

I could go on.....

Lake Anjikuni in reality is a beautiful blue lakes on the ancient rocky Canadian Shield. The Chips call the area "the land of little sticks" because the trees are very small and well spaced out offering a very park-like setting. The summers are characterized by very long days with very little rain and nice and warm 25 C or more is not unusual. Winter is a frozen Hell. There is no road access for 1000's of kilometres but can be accessed by float plane or by wilderness canoeists.

The area has very interesting geology. Lots of diamond mines being built in the general area. This area is now the world's 4th largest producer of gem quality diamonds....demand is increasing because they are not stained with the "blood diamonds" reputation of African diamonds.

The Chipewyans are very distinct in language and appearance from their southern Cree neighbours and are obviously from a separate group that migrated across in the distant past. The Chips and Crees to the south and the Chips and Inuit to the north fought terrible bloody battles in the past over territorial claims. Many place names in the area refer to these terrible encounters.

That is the real Anjikuni!


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