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I was reading about this a couple of weeks ago. Read in forums how easily people dismiss this sort of experiences and how others automatically believe in them. I'll personally give him the "benefit of the doubt".

I don't see this particular case as an exaggeration but as simple account of a shocked young policeman. It is an episode which doesn't get along with our notions of reality and I suppose it is natural and safe to activate our skeptic shield against this kind of events. A defense mechanism justified in order to keep our minds healthy and happy; focused on earthly matters, full of discovered wonders. It also keeps away the possibility of being influenced by manipulators with or without an agenda, which abound, and have no respect for others people consciousness, knowledge/belief systems, personal space, identity, whatever. Fine.

But, how does this natural sense of doubt makes me reach the conclusion that this "apparition" was not "real"? Everytime these things happen there must be a trick. And so I begin.

He was not under drugs, no trace of hallucinogenics or "mental disorders". So, ergot mit enchiladas and peyote with tequila are discarded.

Maybe he is a "true believer", and every rational person should know that the incident really happened in a street somewhere in a mexican region of his brain, where a dark flying humanoid dwells.

The after effects of failing in Physics.

The young officer is a liar. He is a potential politician. He knows that, but he must unfortunately bear with all the ridicule and mockering until he reaches the presidential chair. But he's now popular and he has time to learn rhetorics, apply them to himself and change his own version of what happened.

The mexican Church is desperately creating brujas to gather more believers. If you walk on your knees, the floating evils won't get you. A little fat priest has trained a police officer into the arts of histrionics (his tv declarations are worthy of an oscar nomination). They'll return the favour in heaven.

But who knows, perhaps he wants heaven on earth and he has sold his soul to the hungry media. He was the elected after the long secret casting sessions. His acting was pure, innate talent (a Poncharelo fan since kid ... fits with actual job). I might have a look at Ervin Goffman's book "Wir alle spielen Theater", to back up my suspicion..

I end thinking that the event was not real because the above "thoughts" are real. But then I think again and find out that they are only imagined realities.. How do these both Chimaeras differentiate themselves from the other? What is the difference between the little conspiracy theorist who descends from our brainy tree and the "Witch" that knocks down our consciousness?.

How can a personal imagined reality lead me to validate anything, except the account of the young man. Is it easier and more comfortable to accept that everyone is a liar, based on some recorded, "debunked" cases? If I approached these issues with such a logic, I'm afraid I'd end up thinking that humanity is a hoax. And that would be sad. Perhaps respectful and cautious questioning is the way to deal with these situations.

In short, I hope this guy is well prepared to face the forthcoming, old reliable abusive adjectives such as crazy, nuts, loco, ignorant, uneducated, and so on.

And I wish him peace.

Thanks for the space for my whacky thoughts. :-)


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