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Hi Cleo

Interesting story, and enough to make one's blood curdle in the right curcumstances I guess.

The mythology of the (English) Witch owes much to the Middle Ages, when certain widows or single women living alone were castigated, often by other women - probably out of jealousy or personal grievances. Thus, these poor souls were singled out for persecution, especially if, for instance, they didn't regularly attend church("pagans") or had interests in herbal remedies("sorcerers"), or kept several pets("familiars") for company etc. Rumour had a deadly power in those days, for sure. And, of course, such hysteria also travelled over the Pond, viz a viz The Salem trials etc.

Thomas Hopkins, self appointed Puritan Witch Finder General during the turmoil of The English Civil War, had a notorious reign from 1644 to 1646, when he made a point of describing "witches" as having pointed noses, glaring eyes and warts - the epitome of ugliness. It was propoganda, designed to boost his "conviction rate" and standing, and I believe he is also responsible for promoting the image of broomstick, cloak and pointed hat as essential witch associations. He was responsible for the imprisonment, torture and execution of about 230 known "witches", although on numerous occasions he visited various towns and villages where the death rate records have now been lost, so he may have had even more victims.

Hopkins' favourite method of "testing" witches was "Swimming" them, or what is now known as Dunking, bound hand and foot into a pond or river. The poor wretch was damned if she sank/drowned and "damned" if she survived(saved by the Devil, of course!). His was a highly profitable business, as he levied high fees on townfolk for his services, and it wasn't until a determined Cleric, the Vicar of Great Staughton in Huntingdonshire, appalled by Hopkins' psychopathic zeal and greed, spoke out against him and preached against him in church, that those in high places started raising eyebrows at the activities of the self-styled Witch Finder General. Needless to say, the crafty Hopkins, realising that Great Staughton would doubtless not afford him the deferrent welcome that he was used to elsewhere, avoided the town and contented himself with writing a letter to the town elders that was full of abuse against the Vicar!

So, as for that policeman's encounter - it's hard to say, but I doubt if the "entity", if real, owed much semblance to the mythical "Witch" of old folklore. On the other hand, perhaps somone or something from another dimension visited a cruel joke on the poor guy!



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