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Armchair Observer, besides the photo in the reference you sent me, a friend sent me another photo of these giant Caecilians. I made copies of them and took them to a neighbor who is from Acapulco. She's going to send the copies to Acapulco so that other people can get in on this.

For a worm to have a diameter of six inches or so, it would have to be a real monster - I think. As I said, I just saw the heads and a small part of the trunks sticking up. I really don't know how long they could have been, but the wide diameter led me to think they are long.

When I showed those pictures to my wife and translated parts of the essays about these things, my wife told me that perhaps such a worm monster lurks near some hot springs about ten miles away from her village. she has frequently told me that a huge boa constrictor lives in the Rio Verde (Green River), where the springs are located. She said that it carried away a few people who were never seen or heard from again. However, a constrictor usually swallows its prey where it finds it. Something dragged these victims away. Both of us are now wondering whether it was one of those giant monster worms.


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