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Armchairobserver, I think you have solved for me a mytery that not even the natives of Acapulco and environs could solve. One of the links you provided for me mentioned that these huge earthworm-like creatures have a narrow diameter. Now, I don't regard the worms I saw as having a narrow diameter unless one thinks six to seven inches is narrow.

I did not see their snouts as pointed as the one in the picture of the Mexican Caecilian you were kind enough to find for me. It had a round snout. Also, I remember their bodies as slick without the ring-like scales on the one in the picture. But then, I did not stay around long enough to examine them more closely, either!

Armchairobserver, you and I have discussed many strange things on the GH website, such as the "skin walker" and the existence of spirits. Now, more than ever, I am convinced tbat so-called "skepticism" is a liability, not an asset, to science. In the more than three decades that my family and I saw those hideous creatures, many so-called "scientific" people laughed at and mocked me when I told them about those monster worms. How many more strange marvels in the world go unnoticed because people are conditioned not to see them or admit their existence?

Here's a marvel that exists out your way. As you know, for years I've been screaming from the housetops that our American Indians are from India. Even the legends of the Mayans speak of one of their culture heroes as being from "Hunabu" or Huna-Bhu in Sanskrit, meaning "Land of the Hunas." Also, the Olmecs and Mayans flattened their heads as the ancient Hunas or Huns did, and had many more cultural similarities. Another name of ancient Huna-bhu was Siva-Bhu or Sivapuri (Land of God Shiva). The Puebloans of New Mexico mentioned that they were from Sipapu. In your husband's Navajo culture, mention is made of the collective name of the "war twins," Etha-ken-nathi. The Asakenasi were an ancient Scythian people in Northern India, the same Saka or Scythian group from which the Buddha originated. I could go on and on about this. But thanks to the skeptics, as well as to many so-called American Indian activists who supposedly want to keep themselves ethnically tied to the Americas, no one will accept the obvious. Even the legend of Quetzalcoatl mentions that he was from Tlapalan which in Sanskrit would be Tala-Pallan, today's Bihar. The Tarascans of Mexico claimed to have come from from Naran-Shan. Even today, the Himalayan region of Naran-Shan exists in the Himalayan region of Northern India. We have the Adirondak mountains in the United States. Adiron was an ancient name of the Himalayas, and Dak is a Northern Indian name for mountain.

Armchairobserver, a few years ago, a White woman living in Arizona sent me some pictures of huge Hindu Yoni symbols (vagina or vulva) on the sides of stone cliffs there. Unfortunately, I forgot to put them in my computer memory. Now, these Yonis were exceedingly well made and indicative that they were sculpted by people from a highly developed civilization. Yet, I have not seen one picture or description of these Yonis in any conventional archeologists' books.

How sad that so many humans want to remain skeptics and blind themselves to the many earthly marvels such as these worms, the remains of lost civilizations, and the like.


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