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In the late 1960s, my family and I went to Acapulco, Mexico, to spend my annual 3 month vacation there, one of the few REAL benefits in teaching. One day, we decided to get away from the hub-bub of Acapulco City and drive to a secluded beach in the country, where we could be alone. We found what we were after beside the highway leading to Acapulco airport.

No sooner had we reached the beach when suddenly many huge, monster-like coal-black worms, each with a diameter of from six to eight inches, rose out of the sand, swaying back and forth like cobras. They then started making lunges at us. Frightened out of our wits, we turned around and ran back to the car. After that, we didn't try to find any more secluded country beaches.

We asked people in Acapulco whether they knew about these worms, but most of the inhabitants just regarded us as crazies. Over the years, I have asked innumerable people about what we saw, making investigations, and the like - but no luck.

If anyone knows about these worms or whatever they are, I'd like to get some feedback from you.

Gene D. Matlock

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