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Thanks for the great picture!

I think you "threw the baby out with the bathwater".
Parasite (virus) intelligence could only copy and modify (manipulate usually invert) but not create hence there is no active life-light-consciousness (LOGOS) in them.

The pyramid is the structure of the vibrating-atom and the universe (as above so below) and only later it had the negative meaning of a society/mind-control model.

First the light (WORD or LOGOS) created a natural order which was copied, distorted, inverted by parasite intelligences for they purpose. (the first "architect" is the LIGHT or Christ itself)

The pyramid also operate as the swastika the symbol of active life force male and female, coming and leaving, birth and death, depend of the direction of the rotation. One can find it on holy Indian and Buddist temples. Only after Hitler it had the negative meaning of mind-control and manipulation.

Also a knife is just an instrument it could serve as life saving operation tool or a life taking killer equipment.

Likewise ancient Egypt is not evil, although it is true that in the time of the newer dynastic period tradition lost and manipulation became dominant. But it is case for every culture, religion etc.

And it is also obvious that our "recent" political-financial-scientific system is dominated by parasite interest.
See: The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin)

Best regards

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