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Those are Q and RA symbols, last one is specifically MagicBook/Babylon/FreeMason above{ruled} RA(ID) in cOntrol, with side boundries SnakeLiesBibleBookGodIdol
also know that using humans as uninformed slaves is considered a power/energy source
the eqyptians use a lot of metaphors, and their walls are instructions on how trick humans with polymorphed personifications and the deities are best described as "programs" each has similar attributes to flag their purpose
then a story to hide or push that agenda of that "program" such as One creating the Ankh to make it more real than just an object/symbol. Thats also why they create physical idols, it makes them more legit.

The pyramid(s) is a control symbol of heirarchy, and Square (unNatural/FreeMason) monument turned into a library/museum to push their antiNature agenda into the future to those that interpret the messages properly.

StoneHenge is simply a monument to the cOntrol circle and its simplicity, 15 stones in center O = 15th letter alphabet
Q is opposite of O and it means broken boundries of programming/mind control.
symbols are synonym pictures no matter the language and persist thru history, a Q is a Q and O is and O, and Z is a ZZZSSS222

Khepri being fairy tale manifested and praised as golden calf false idol
notice it separates RA above as out of reach, like Adam and God by the illuminati Catholic Michaelangelo

One key to deception was there is truly only one immortal DNA tree of life, PTAH style, but they turned him into a corpse.
Then created a fantasy King ID of RA and had that program bless its Pharaohs who pirated the kingdom
the peasants and previous slaves would only understand the pictures but not the deception therefore easy to control

So why did they hand out immortal Flag ANKH symbols to silly Scarab heads, and pointy noise bird people? heh
the Khepri is a "program" and was birthed by a "program" to seem less fake (magic)
it is also the equivalent of worshipping a Golden Calf, INTENTIONALLY.

here you can see the antiFertility symbol as a flacid phallus

[] <-see instruction and tomb/tome/book/mindmagicAgenda {inannas descent to wUnderworld?}


this was to guide the people away from looking for their true King who was a genetic health source to pamper and appreciate as a living treeofLife/fountainofYouth ideogram.

Quoth the ra ven "Nevermore"
QOTau the god come "Nevermore"
QO+au the king come "nEvermore"

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