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Hi Matt!

Thanks for your honest opinion.
It is all right if you discard my comments and look the pictures only.
What is that sun like sphere above the djed?

Regarding the soot as far as I know the opposite is the case.
Archaeologists did not find any trace of soot in the tombs or in the pyramids (pitch dark places).

What you are talking about is probably the Dendera Temple.
After Egypt ruined it functioned as a shelter in the desert for nomadic people and it's zodiac ceiling became black due to they fires.

I may recommend the following videos if you are open for possibilities rejected by offical (well financed) science authorities:

- The Pyramid Code Documentary Series 2 of 5 : High Level Technology
The Pyramid Code (5 part series)
(the soot topic is at 8 min 45 sec)

- The Revelation of the Pyramids

- The Osirion (ancient Abydos temple)

- Pyramids of Egypt and Sacred Geometry

- Alan Green about the Great Pyramid


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